About CAPI

CAPI is a team of experienced humanitarians, gender/human rights advocates, community development expert, climate change activists, environmentalist and creative facilitators, who have experience in different community developments. We advance action in climate and ecological restoration space, as well loss of biodiversity and loss and damage. Our thematic areas include humanitarian services, climate change, upcycling/recycling, adaptation & mitigation, afforestation ecosystem restoration, youth, women, children and People With Disabilities (PWD). We are officially registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).  We run CAPI Global with country ambassadors in 23 countries and currently have offices in Nigeria and Canada.


A world where the deprived have many reasons to live.


To work with communities in Nigeria and the Central African Republic to promote communities, improve health care service delivery and empower people to create sustainable clean water access.


Forge participation with key partners in and outside Nigeria with an existing relationship with citizens and policy matters.

Who Benefits

Physically challenged, inmates, apprentice, street children (Almajiri), orphans, young people in school, Street beggers,underemployed youth, marginalized and vulnerable populations.( women & young girls), well off people living with HIV Or affected by AIDS.

80% of every Fund Raised is spent directly on delivering programs and services for young people (including women).

Vision Breakdown

  • Climate Change
Our vision is to promote and encourage action related to the climate change crisis, deforestation, and ecosystem degradation. We strive to raise awareness amongst children and adults about the impact of climate change on our planet and the need for global justice. We believe that planting trees is a practical and symbolic action in efforts to reduce the effects of climate change.
  • Hunger
We look to create a world without hunger where everyone has access to nutritious food. We work towards providing food security for all through sustainable agriculture, food education, and community empowerment.
  • Poverty
We want to eradicate poverty and create a world where everyone has equal opportunities. We strive to empower communities through education, skills training, and economic development.
  • Gender Equality
We want to create a world where gender equality is a reality, and women and girls have the same opportunities as men and boys. We work towards empowering women and girls through education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, and we collaborate with local communities to create a more equal and just society.
  • Violence Against Women
We want to create a world where violence against women is not accepted, and women feel safe and empowered in all aspects of their lives. We strive to raise awareness about the harmful effects of violence against women and to provide support and resources for survivors. We also work to promote gender equality and to challenge discriminatory attitudes and behaviors.

Mission Breakdown

At CAPI, our mission is to actively work towards a sustainable and just future for all by addressing urgent global challenges. We are committed to making a significant impact in the areas of climate change, hunger, poverty, gender equality, and violence against women. Through collaborative efforts, education, and empowerment, we aim to create positive change and inspire individuals and communities to take action. By promoting awareness, engaging in practical solutions, and advocating for justice, we strive to create a world where every person has equal opportunities, a thriving environment, and a sense of safety and dignity. Our mission is driven by the belief that together, we can build a more equitable, compassionate, and sustainable world for future generations.

Our Core Values

  • Ensuring all our activities operate on the humanitarian principles of development, effectiveness, youth inclusivity, Respect for Diversity, abilities and “DO NO HARM.”
  • We work towards a world free of discrimination based on gender, race ,class, ability, sexual orientation, religious, age or other areas of injustice.
  • Supporting action related to the environment.
  • Education and the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We fight against Genital Mutilation, Gender based violence, Sexual Violence and Trafficking in persons.

Thematic Focus

  • We aim to inspire Community system strengthening approaches for enhancement of sustainable responses to health, rights and development needs of adolescent girls and young women.
  • Providing necessary sexual and productive health education currently lacking in schools.
  • To allow youth to make informed decisions.
  • Training young mother’s to become champions in their communities where they teach, inform and console other youth about their perspective’s, struggles, and how they access the support they needed.
  • Holding community outreaches life change and family support facilitated by partners in health systems, business related fields and law providers to encourage dialogue between them and young mothers.
  • Urge our local communities to construct and implement a frame work for binding environmental.
  • Legislation that defends human rights, maintain ecosystem integrity, hold corporation accountability and balance conflict of interest.
  • Clean up exercise across the states.
  • Climate change summit, dialogues, consultations, town hall meetings and campaign in all six from political zones.
  • Voluntary placement program: promoting and encouraging action related to – internships, international corporation, global dialogue on climate crisis.

Climate Change

Climate Change in Brief

Climate change is the long term change in the Earth’s climate cause by the release greenhouse gases-such as carbon dioxide (CO2)and methane (CH4) which trap heat in the atmosphere, causing the planet to become hotter (global warming ).

Climate Related Hazard

Normal weather hazards experienced in Nigeria includes rising in sea levels which coastal populations, oil and gas production with increased risk of flooding, infrastructure loss and desalinization of surface and coastal aquifers. Niger Delta region experience storm surges along the entire coast including inland flooding, wild fires and decreased rainfall.

Threat & Opportunities

There is no doubt that climate change will affects the lives of every person on this planet no matter who they are or where they live. It will threaten food and water security and human health as well as social, economic and political stability. It will reshape societies and change the nature world as we know it. By degrading and depleting the very resource on which live depends, climate change could revise many of the development gains made by African countries during recent decade and could hamper development efforts.


Young people/youth explore their own personal strengths and set clear intentions for their future, they identify their strength and gap as they collaborate, explore and connect to the future they want to see.

They learn valuable skills that enhance critical and creative thinking and the principal of deferring judgement as a basic building block of creativity.

Young people/youth experience risk taking and the importance of leaving your comfort zone whilst holding what we call “SAFE SPACE.”