Water and Sanitation

CAPI Safe Water

Children in low-income countries face a range of interrelated problems, such as poor nutrition, adequate water, sanitation and hygiene. ( WASH)
Globally, a total of 297,000 WASH attributable diarrhoea deaths occur per year among children under 5 years.

Children who live in rural and extreme remote communities zones often find themselves in a precarious situation. Due to extreme poverty, the cab hardly satisfies fundamental needs such as nutrition, access to clean water, Access to health care and education. Community clashes and wars are also part of their everyday lives.

The case of independent primary school Ndufu Achara is not an exception, children study in very harsh weather conditions without access to potable drinking water. There suffer high-level dehydration during school hours.

Despite efforts by some development agencies working in partnership with CAPI to deploy state government presence to the school, the children are still suffering access to clean and safe water..

CAPI’s attention was drawn to their plight, without wasting time, the CAPI team Commenced a water intervention program( supplying pure water in sachets to pupils to combat dehydration.) pending when there will be able to support the school with a more sustainable project. I.E constructing a borehole.

The Teacher during the CAPI team visit commended the Team for their quick intervention, she added that children before now use to buy pure water for the few privileged ones and that the project has bridged the gap by ensuring that no child in Independent primary school stay is dehydrated till a borehole is constructed.

This is a huge intervention program for CAPI, but we are hoping to have well-meaning citizens who will key into the intervention program as well the borehole construction to assist these less privileged children.

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