CAPI Safe Water

Children in low-income countries face a range of interrelated problems, such as poor nutrition, adequate water, sanitation and hygiene. ( WASH) Globally, a total of 297,000 WASH attributable diarrhoea deaths occur per year among children under 5 years. Children who live in rural and extreme remote communities zones often find themselves in a precarious situation. […]

CAPI Carries out a round Educational Support Program

During a visit to a school in Ebonyi State sited in an unconducive environment, after need assessment, the Proprietor in a request asked for ventilating equipment to enhance the learning environment. CAPI was observed during the need assessment of a couple of other pressing needs, but there were asked to draw a scale of preference […]

CAPI Educational Support Program

CAPI team and her CEO visited Independent primary, Izzamgbo Ndufu Alike Ikwo in Ebonyi State to donate educational materials to support pupils and students of the school. This was done because of the high rate of poverty many pupils/ student parents are unable to provide educational supplies like school sandals, school bags pen pencil, books […]