Good Health and Well-Being

Lambata Drugs Donation

In June 2023, our team embarked on a medical outreach mission to Lambata, a community in Niger State, Nigeria, in response to a plea from the local primary healthcare facility. Struggling with insufficient medication supplies, the community reached out to us for assistance. Recognizing the urgent need for medical support, we organized a comprehensive outreach program to provide essential drugs and healthcare services to the residents of Lambata.

During our visit, we encountered a young university student facing significant challenges. Despite her determination to pursue her education, Touched by her plight, we decided to extend our support by sponsoring her education and ongoing medical needs.

Our commitment to the Lambata community extends beyond the initial outreach event, as we continue to provide ongoing support to improve healthcare access and educational opportunities for its residents. Through collaborative efforts and compassionate initiatives, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.