Transforming Waste into Sustainable Resources

Our Basecamp event, held in collaboration with the Watson Institute and Western Union Foundation, centered on transforming waste into sustainable resources. Community leaders, students, young activists, and environmental enthusiasts gathered for a two-day event on December 4th and 5th.


  • Participants engaged in innovative pitches aimed at tackling waste management, upcycling, recycling, and ecosystem restoration.
  • Three outstanding groups emerged from the pitch sessions: “Comm Aware,” “Climate Group,” and “Recycling and Circular Economy.”
  • “Comm Aware” focused on community empowerment and ecosystem restoration.
  • “Climate Group” addressed climate change and waste management.
  • The “Recycling and Circular Economy” group championed recycling and sustainable practices.

Additional Info:
Esteemed speakers from Nigeria shared insights on upcycling, recycling, waste management, and environmental education.
Participants learned firsthand about the importance of recycling, including using plastics for interlocks and agri-waste for briquettes.