Water Project In Rural Communities

The overall objective of the project is to increase access to clean water and improve the health and well-being of households in the project community, and making sure water supply is sustained even after the project has been implemented.

Specific objectives of the project will include;

1. to contribute towards increased accessibility of safe and adequate water supply in project communities.
2. to have water for irrigation system to sustain Agricultural activities.
3. to reduce time consuming and long distance of fetching water.
4. to have water for livestock keeping activities.

These objectives will be achieved by mobilizing and sensitizing the community to form water user groups that will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the project.
Women will be highly encouraged to participate in the project planning, implementation and management. To this end a friendly water user fee will be agreed on for the maintenance. The Village Health Workers will be trained in operation and maintenance of the pump and water hygiene.

Expected Outcomes and Indicators

The project aims to increase the supply of water for domestic use through the construction of wells in rural communities with no access to clean water.

At the completion of the project the water supply will meet at least 70% of the domestic demand from the current percentage that is less than 30% of the demand.

The project is expected to contribute to the decrease in diseases associated to water shortage such as scabies, diarrhea and typhoid.

The community will form water user groups at each well that will be responsible for implementation, management and maintenance of the wells.

Indicators to measure the success of this project will include the number of wells constructed with suitable water for human consumption, and the established and trained water committee / water user group.

Planned Activities

The activities to be carried out during the projects are highlighted below;

1. Conduct sensitization meeting to set water goals
2. Form/Train water user group on water sanitation.
3. Conduct hydro geological surveys to locate potential sites.
4. Support the Construction of the wells.
5. Facilitate training of technical staffs on pump mechanics, well repair and maintenance
6. Collaborating Partners
7. Main Focus Areas: The project will be implemented in….. Sokoto/Uyo
8. Estimated Total Budget 55,000 USD

September 5th, 2024