Improving Education of PLWDs Project Objectiv

Project Objectives
  • Managing behavioral problems and imparting special skills, self-help skills, and catering to the needs of children.
  • Identifying the need for and providing appropriate therapeutic services in speech and hearing.
  • Involving parents through counseling as an integral part of the preparatory intervention and ensuring their participation in every stage of the programs.
  • Implementing adequate measures for disabled child education in the targeted area.
  • Improving the quality and effectiveness of educational, social, and economic growth for disabled children and those from economically and socially backward backgrounds.
  • Enabling children to explore, clarify, and express ideas, feelings, and experiences through a range of arts activities. Providing aesthetic experiences and developing aesthetic awareness in various art forms.
  • Developing children’s awareness of, sensitivity to, and enjoyment of environmental qualities.
  • Enabling children to develop natural abilities, acquire techniques, and practice skills necessary for creative expression and participation in different art forms.
  • Valuing children’s confidence and self-esteem through self-expression.
Project Expected Impacts and Benefits:

With our project, we aim to impart education and provide individual care to each child with disabilities to ensure no one falls behind in their learning. We strive for equal education opportunities for all disabled students, empowering them to become financially independent and live with dignity. Our project aims to improve the education system in both urban and rural areas, promoting regular and vocational education.

We will create strong awareness about the educational rights of persons with disabilities and the importance of education for all children. Leveraging the existing structure and networks of Women Rights and Sustainable Society (WRSS), we ensure that each child benefits maximally from the service and lays a solid foundation for their basic education.

Open for Partnership:

We welcome partnerships with organizations and individuals who share our vision of empowering children with disabilities through education and skill development. Let’s collaborate to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all children.