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Project Objectives

Our objectives are:

  • To manage behavioral problems and to impart special skills, self-help skills, and cater to the needs of the children.
  • To identify the need for and to provide appropriate therapeutic services in the area of speech and hearing.
  • To involve parents through counseling as an integral part of the preparatory intervention and ensure their participation in every stage of the programmes.
  • To ensure implementation of adequate measure for Disabled child education in the targeted area.
  • To improve the quality and effectiveness of the educational, social and economical growth of the disabled child and children from the economically and socially backward background.
  • To enable the child to explore, clarify and express ideas, feelings and experiences through a range of arts activities.
  • To provide for aesthetic experiences and to develop aesthetic awareness in the visual arts, in music, in drama, in dance and in literature.
  • To develop the child’s awareness of, sensitivity to and enjoyment of visual, aural, tactile and spatial qualities in the environment.
  • To enable the child to develop natural abilities and potential, to acquire techniques, and to practice the skills necessary for creative expression and for joyful participation in different art forms.
  • To value the child’s confidence and self-esteem through valuing self-expression.

Project Expected Impacts and Benefits

With the help of our project, we will be imparting education apart from taking individual care of each child with disability so that no one lacks behinds and teaching are equal amongst all the disabled students. Our desire is that even if PLWDs are not able to become doctors, engineers, etc., they will at least be educated and skilled enough to be financially independent, earn their living and live with dignity. To provide education to all, be it the weaker section, minority, disabled and the society in general.

Education system will be improved in urban and rural areas and both regular education and vocational education will be promoted. Strong Awareness will be created in the project area about person with disability educational rights and the need of education of all children. There are no risks in this project as the existing structure and networks of Women Rights and Sustainable Society (WRSS) forms the backbone of this project and it will ensure that each child gets the maximum benefit from the service and their basic education foundation is made.